Are you battling with waterlogged grounds? Whether it's a sports pitch, a golf course, or your field, standing water can be a real dampener. Not only does it affect the aesthetics and usability of the space, but it can also lead to long-term damage if not addressed promptly. Fortunately, Cutcrew Ltd is your go-to expert in combatting waterlogging.  
We specialise in a variety of drainage solutions that keep your turf in top-notch condition. Here's how we can help. 
We know you're busy. We know you've got a lot on your plate, and we know that time is money—especially when it comes to keeping your sports pitch in tip-top shape. 
That's why we here at Cutcrew are proud to offer a service that saves you both time and money: robotic line marking. 

Understanding Waterlogging 

Before we dive into solutions, let's understand what causes waterlogging. Typically, it's the result of compacted soil or inadequate drainage, leading to excess water that can't percolate through the soil. This results in soggy conditions detrimental to plant and grass health. 


Our verti-draining service is the first line of defense against waterlogging. This process involves creating deep holes in the soil using specialized equipment. The benefits? Verti-draining helps aerate compacted soil, allowing water and nutrients to reach the root zones of grass more effectively. The result is a stronger, healthier turf that's more resilient to the stresses of heavy rain and foot traffic. 

Mole Draining 

Mole draining is ideal for cohesive, high clay content, stone-free soils. Our tractor-mounted mole plough creates narrow channels at depths up to 60cm, fracturing and cracking the soil to create new pathways for water. The benefits are clear: 
-Effective drainage solution for heavy soils prone to waterlogging. 
-Long-lasting impact with channels remaining effective for several years. 
-Minimal surface disturbance ensures your pitch or field is back in action swiftly. 
-Enhances the effectiveness of existing drainage systems by facilitating deeper water flow. 
Cutcrew Ltd’s mole draining service is a game-changer for agricultural lands and sports facilities alike. 

Drain Installation 

Sometimes, the situation calls for a tailored approach. Our drain installation service involves designing and implementing a drainage system specific to your site’s needs. Here are the advantages: 
Customized drainage plans to address the unique challenges of your site. 
Professional installation ensures longevity and effectiveness of the drainage system. 
Suitable for a variety of applications, from gardens to large-scale sports complexes. 
Directs water away from critical areas, protecting structures and landscapes from water damage. 
With Cutcrew Ltd’s drain installation service, rest assured that your water management is in expert hands. 
At Cutcrew Ltd, we understand the challenges of waterlogged grounds. Our array of services, including verti-draining, mole draining, and custom drain installations, provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs. The benefits of these services are not just immediate but also long-lasting, ensuring that your green spaces stay healthy and fully functional all year round. 
Don’t let waterlogging bring your facility under water! 
Contact CutCrew today! 
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