How to write a scope of works- Grounds Maintenance

In this article we are going to teach you why you need a scope of works in place and how to ensure your getting the maximum quality for the budget allowed.


Firstly, Why do you need a Scope of works?

Generating a scope of work (or a maintenance schedule) is the easiest way to ensure you, the facilities manager and the contractor whom you decide to work with are on the same page!

How many times have you had a quotation with a contractor, awarded them the job and expectations haven’t been met? It’s painful for both parties, the client doesn’t believe you have given them quality or value for money and the contractor feels like they are owed more money to them!

That’s the great thing about a scope of work or maintenance schedule. Essentially it’s a checklist of What, Where and When. This means both the client and contractor are all on the same page and both parties know the expectation of the works being carried out.


Where Should I start with my scope of works?

The first thing you should cover in your scope of work is the area in which you expect to be serviced. Now this might seem like common sense but this gives a clear outline of the areas you expect to be maintained to a high standard.

In some cases there may also be some areas you don’t wish to be maintained, for example, if you have an area that you allow to become a “wilderness area” or an area in which may be troublesome for your business. An example of this may be at a doctors surgery where outside the doctors windows they need silence. In this case you could write into the scope of works that these areas are to be maintained out of working hours or that they aren’t serviced at all.

Here at CutCrew we would always advise to ask multiple people on the grounds if there were any areas of the grounds that the last contractor missed or that's often forgotten about, this will also open the discussion to prioritizing areas.


A quick google map satellite view, with some annotations of the areas you wish to be serviced always help!


What should be included in my Scope of Works/Schedule?

Now we always advise if you don't have experience in grounds maintenance / facilities management experience to find a trusted contractor to come out to your facility and ask them what areas they would include. Here at CutCrew we often advise customers on what to include in their scope of work, don't be alarmed by this, we are actually trying to ascertain how much quality we can squeeze out of your budget (don't worry we will explain this bit later) .

Firstly, write down all the elements of maintenance needed. For this example let's use the picture above of one of CutCrews' clients. What do you notice in the picture above that may need to be included in the scope of works?

What we see:

- Hardstandings needing weed control ,general tidies , moss control and gritting

- Lawns that need edging, mowing, fertilizer, potentially a lawn care package.

-Hedging that requires to be kept tidy

- Tree works that may need inspections, crown lifting, pruning or reduction.

The point is pretty much everything in an outdoor setting probably needs maintenance of some sort. BUT, should you include all of this in your schedule? Well, this is dependent on your needs, is there anything that you keep in house or that you're happy to pay for on a Ad-Hoc basis. A good example of this is winter salt gritting, does it need to be included in a scope if you may not need this as regularly as lawn mowing?

We can't answer that question for you, but ask yourself 'Does this add quality to my grounds and value to my budgets'

TOP TIP: Write two schedules: A summer schedule and a winter schedule. This is a great way to bring the price down as a winter visit won't need as many tasks (such as lawn mowing) and potentially won't need as much time (Depending on your site, if you have a lot of leaves falling it may even be more expensive!)


Setting Frequency or Visit Amounts?

In this blog we have spoken about the ways to improve quality to your grounds, now we need to talk about the amount or frequency of visits. Which in turn affects the budget or affordability.

Now every single one of CutCrew's clients has a different preference on this topic, so no one else can decide this for you. But here are some questions that may help you determine the answers you need!

Is it important that your grounds are flawless all the time? Perhaps you're looking for maintenance at your sales HQ and the customers first impression counts. Therefore you need a flawless estate for them to walk into. If so, weekly visits are most definitely appropriate for you. CutCrew has clients that we visit twice a week, that may seem over kill but to them clients the first impression is priceless.

If the answer to the above question is no, then perhaps fortnightly or monthly visits are appropriate. It's important to note that the weather also affects this massively or even seasons. For example, you could write your schedule so summer visits are fortnightly, when the living wont stop growing and winter visits to be monthly when growth has stunted.

So you have decided fortnightly visits from March until October and monthly from November until February. Include this description in your scope and let the contractor calculate the visit total, double check it however it's always best for the contractor to calculate the total amount of visits needed, not only from a liability point of view, but also the contractor will have masses of experience knowing how many visits are typically needed throughout those seasons.

TOP TIP: Ask for a price for additional visits if required. If a season over runs due to freak weather or an early spring you don't want to be asking for a quotation when you are desperate! Agree a price for additional visits before you sign a contract!


Time to pull it all together

Now it's time to create the scope of work documents ready to give to your potential contractors. Our advice would be to structure it in a way that is easy to follow and clearly outlines your expectations.

What: Grounds maintenance scope of works

Where: Company address or site name

When: 12 monthly maintenance contracts needed. Summer visits to be Mar-OCT. Winter visits to be NOV-FEB

Now you have the basic information outlined, separately write down all services you need to be provided: Lawn mowing, weed control, hedgeworks and litter picking.

If you know how many visits you require also include this, however if you aren't sure let the contractor outline this on their quotation.

TOP TIP: Include as much information as you can. For example if you run a sports club and you have a specific height of cut needed, include it!

Still stuck? Here is an example you can download and view!


Download PDF • 54KB


Get Writing!

Now you know what to include, it's time to get writing your scope of works / schedules for grounds maintenance. If you have read this post and still have questions feel free to contact us here at CutCrew. We write scope of works and schedules for a plethora of clients day in, day out. We would be more than happy to give you free advice, failing that you can book a consultation and we will write you your very own scope of works all for just £250 Inc VAT.

TOP TIP: Our clients get a bespoke scope of work free of charge when they sign up for maintenance packages.

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